Tuesday, September 13, 2011



  1. this video is very interesting in the work environment secretary. we realize the cause of all the consequences can be prevented in an office. correct if we use our office and everything that relates to the work of a secretary, we would save many difficult situations in the office or in any other area of our lives.
    [[[ D@NIEL@ ]]]

  2. is interesting because many people think that accidents happen no office but in reality simple things can be misplaced and it is good to learn to avoid.... MARIBEL

  3. in the office environment there is also risk of accidents and prevent imporatante know the right way. **Maria José**

  4. in the video we can see that most accidents are are caused unconsciously...
    in the moment does not take important and later we have problems ! we have to be carefully all the time
    (( Yaritza ))

  5. The office enviroment can be a risk because if we see in the video a briefcase or documentes forgotten in the floor can make an accident...
    also can affect us in diferents ways!
    (( eliza ))

  6. This video shows some accidents that may occur in offices and what can be occasions neglect of the people. To avoid these problems are due to take all safety precautions necessary. The video is very interesting because it helps us to take into account these recommendations. *Id@ni@*